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With the sudden introduction of so many new technologies, many of our normal rescue procedures are affected, putting our rescuers in danger.  

 Today one make and model vehicle can be equipped with six airbags or optionally twelve airbags in the same vehicle. Some hybrid vehicles, such as the Honda Civic or Toyota Camry look exactly like their conventional counter parts.
With so many different technologies in every vehicle on the road, we must develop procedures that will protect rescuers, no matter what the vehicle is or is not equipped with. 

On this page we have randomly suggested some procedures, that
you may want to consider, when writing SOPs or SOGs.

Since the introduction of hybrid vehicles, rescuers have learned that the first step in dealing with these is to identify the vehicle.
We some what disagree with this; though the engine is not running, if the victim has their foot on the brake, the vehicle is in auto stop mode. If they move their foot off the brake or touch the accelerator the vehicle is going to move.
Rescuer are taught to walk around the vehicle, looking for what may be the only external marking. He or she could be run over simply identifying the vehicle.
We suggest; chocking the wheels be the very first step. 
With the hybrid looking exactly like the conventional model, this can only be accomplished by chocking the wheels on every vehicle before any other rescue procedures begin.
Though it is very dangerous and highly discouraged, traditionally the EMS personnel jump off the truck, grab their medical bags and run to the victim before rescuers have time to shut down the electrical system and stabilize the vehicle.
Consider placing two chocks in the same box as the medical bags. Not only making them handy, but also being an instant reminder of their vital need.  

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