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AirBag Systems .Org

Self Study Courses

How Airbags Work
General Rescue Procedures
EMS Concerns
Driver's Frontal Airbag
Passenger Frontal Air Bag
Side Impact Airbags
Head Protection Airbag
Occupant positioning airbags
Roll-over Protection
Vehicle Fires & New Technology
Self Study Courses
Photo Gallery

Self Study Courses

We have put together some in depth studies of the new technologies of today's vehicles, to help rescuers understand; 
  • Their purpose
  • How they work
  • What makes them work
  • How our rescue operations affect the systems 
  • How we can safely work with the systems.

Please remember that these are very large ppt. files, depending on your connection it may take a few minutes to download the power point presentations. Also it takes a little time for the inbeded videos to load.

Airbags Part 1&2

Airbags Part 3&4


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No donation is too small, one Five Dollar donation could put an instructor CD in an area school, that may teach 200 firefighters.

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